Music for TV, Film & Documentary

Jacqueline Perriam – Composer & Orchestrator
Erik Abbink – Composer & Sound Designer


Best Musical Score
in Documentary Series
Visionary Gardeners


“Visionary Gardeners”
Visionary Gardeners travels from a mountain peak, across the wintry prairies, to the coast of Lake Huron. Along the way, we’re introduced to the expansive minds of those who have brought their personal innovations and visions to gardening.
Director: Ian Toews
291 Film Company, Victoria BC, Canada

“The Sacrifice”
An ancient Empress must trust her High Priestess’ divine council and make the ultimate sacrifice in order save her vast kingdom from drought and famine.
Director: David I. Strasser
Directors Guild of Canada, Vancouver BC, Canada

“Operation Fishnet”
Operation Fishnet highlights the Steveston Harbour Authority’s efforts to keep plastics out of our oceans and landfills.
Directors: David I. Strasser
Reel One Pictures, Montreal
, Canada

“Lucy: A Pet Story”
Darryl Grace shares with us the story of his dog Lucy and her role in his battle against terminal cancer.
Directors: Jessica Randall, David I. Strasser
Vancouver BC, Canada

“Beautiful Cake”

A short movie about two teens who find themselves trapped in a basement by a terror familiar to all of us.
Director: Brian McWha, Vancouver, Canada
Producers: Jarvis Greiner, Rafal Dybowski
Vancouver BC, Canada

“Against the Grain”

An inspirational miniseries exploring the diverse lifestyles of B.C.’s most successful and dynamic mountain culture athletes, artists, and creators.
Directors: David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester
Producers: Graem Luis, Jessica L. Randall, David I. Strasser, Cameron Sylvester
Vancouver BC, Canada

“The Ultimate Magician”
Director/Producer: Gary Prendergast
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

A documentary about graphic designer and artist Bob Choma, who is bipolar. A graduate of EMP, his life has been a classic creative, chaotic story – from tutoring from several of the Group of Seven as a kid, running a couple productive businesses, alcohol problems, mood swings to rediscovering his creative muse as an outsider artist later in life.
Director: Bruce Saunders
Victoria BC, Canada


Feature Reel

Magical / Fantasy



About Us

Jacqueline Perriam and Erik Abbink are a husband-and-wife film composing team, who made the jump from classical music performers into film music composers in 2016.  Since then, they have been scoring several award-winning films in a diverse range of genres (documentary, horror, comedy and fantasy) for clients such as Reel One Pictures, The Directors Guild of Canada and 291 Film Company.

As a team of composers Jacqueline and Erik are able to work fast and efficiently, and between them are able to score a diverse range of musical styles. Their latest project, Visionary Gardeners – Beauty and Delight, won a Leo Award for Best Musical Score for Documentary Series 2022.  

Jacqueline Perriam
Composer, Orchestrator
Jacqueline Perriam is a graduate of the Amsterdam Conservatory in Piano Performance. She has performed as a soloist and a chamber musician in the Netherlands and Canada, and has given live performances for the CBC. Together with saxophonist Erik Abbink she recorded music for the Adaskin Collection as well as a complete CD of saxophone and piano transcriptions.
As an Artist in Residence at The Banff Centre for the Arts, she has worked and collaborated with many renowned composers, recording engineers and musicians, including Anton Kuerti, Gyorgy Sebok and Marek Jablonski to name a few.
Jacqueline has a passion for film composing, and enjoys the challenge of bringing out the emotional content of the film through music. Her studies include Film & TV Scoring courses through Berklee College Boston. Jackie is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada.



Erik Abbink
Composer, Sound Designer
Originally from the Netherlands, Erik Abbink has been living and working in Canada since 2002. His wide musical interests range from classical, contemporary, popular to film music. He has performed around the world in saxophone quartets, concert bands, traditional and avant-garde ensembles, musical theatre, rock bands, jazz bands and symphony orchestras.
As a composer Erik enjoys working on a variety of film genres. He excels in developing a unique sound for each project. Some of his scores have been strictly for synthesizer and sound design, other scores demanded live players, or the sound of a full symphony orchestra.
Erik Abbink holds a Doctorate in Music Performance from the University of British Columbia. Music composition classes include studying art music and orchestration at UBC Vancouver and ArtEZ Enschede, Film and TV Scoring courses through Berklee College Boston, and Sound Design through ThinkSpace Education Film Scoring School (UK). Erik is a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada.



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