I’m a Dutch-Canadian composer and classically trained saxophonist. My saxophone performance career has taken me to stages around the world, where I’ve had the pleasure of captivating audiences in various settings, from saxophone quartets and concert bands to traditional and avant-garde ensembles, musical theatre, jazz bands, and symphony orchestras. I hold a Doctorate in Saxophone Performance from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.


My true passion lies in the art of crafting captivating soundtracks for a wide range of film genres. I take pride in developing unique musical identities for each project, whether it involves synthesizers and sound design exclusively or the grandeur of a full symphony orchestra. Check out my composing website: http://www.oakbaystudios.com


I am dedicated to sharing the joy of learning and experiencing music with my students. I offer private lessons in saxophone, beginner piano, and composition. Additionally, I provide guidance to those looking to master the recorder, flute, or seeking help with music theory. Some students choose to combine these disciplines in a single private lesson, tailoring their learning to match their musical goals.

I actively encourage all my students to participate in the three annual student concerts that my partner, Jacqueline Perriam, and I organize. Engaging in these concerts not only allows students to work towards a performance goal but also provides them with valuable solo performance opportunities. This platform enables family and friends to witness the progression of each student’s skills and accomplishments.

More information about my saxophone studio can be found here (Coming Soon)


I take pleasure in participating in ensemble performances both within our local community and occasionally extending my reach beyond the boundaries of the South Island, which constitutes the southern part of Vancouver Island.

Joined by my partner, pianist Jacqueline Perriam, we present a repertoire encompassing original compositions and transcribed pieces for saxophone and piano. Our inaugural CD, titled “Transcribed!” is available for purchase. 

Additionally, my musical engagements have led me to collaborate with various local groups, including the A Place to Listen Ensemble, Aventa New Music Ensemble, the Meridiem Wind Orchestra, the Victoria Symphony, and the Palm Court Orchestra.

Background & Family

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. When I was 7 years old, I persistently asked my mom for recorder lessons until she gave in to my request. After completing the two-year Algemene Muzikale Vorming (elementary music education) program, I progressed to clarinet lessons with Mr. Arnold Span, who is currently the Staff-Conductor Major at the Dutch Military and was associated with the local wind band, the Vriezenveense Harmonie (https://vriezenveenseharmonie.nl/). When the band needed more saxophonists, I seized the opportunity to switch to the saxophone and started lessons at the Almelo Music School Hof 88 under the guidance of saxophonist Dick Vogelenzang. My studies encompassed a mix of jazz and classical music.

Upon completing high school at RSG Erasmus in Almelo, I was accepted to study with saxophonist Mr. Arno Bornkamp, now the saxophone professor at the Amsterdam Conservatory. At that time, he had just secured his first position at the Enschede Conservatorium.

With a strong commitment to achieving the highest level of performance, I pursued my studies in Docerend Musicus Saxofoon (Saxophone Teacher Degree) and continued under the mentorship of Mr. Johan van der Linden. This journey led me to ultimately earn an Uitvoerend Musicus Saxofoon Diploma (Saxophone Performance Degree) with distinction.

During my time studying with van der Linden, I had the opportunity to visit the Banff Centre of the Arts in Alberta, Canada. It was there that I crossed paths with Jackie Perriam, who would later become my spouse in 2002. We lived together in the Netherlands for several years. While I completed my performance degree, she pursued studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory under the guidance of Norwegian-born pianist Håkon Austbø.

In 2002, both of us relocated to Jackie’s hometown of Victoria, where we carved out a livelihood by teaching and performing music. In 2004, I seized the chance to further my education by pursuing a doctorate in Saxophone Performance under the guidance of saxophonist Ms. Julia Nolan (now Dr. Julia Nolan) at the University of British Columbia, achieving my Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in 2011.

Our family is blessed with two boys, Anthony and Tristan. Anthony plays the violin, while Tristan plays the cello.

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